Thursday, May 04, 2006

How to burn a DVD...

I went to an RCADE workshop on how to burn a dvd. There was only one other student in the workshopt with me, it was James who is also from our class. Becuase there were only two of us it was very peronalized and the teacher made sure that we both knew what we were doing.

The program we used was called iDVD, which is a mac based program. It was extremely easy to use, it was basically you would click on the clips that you wanted in your movie and drag them into this area. From there you would drag from that area into the movie file. This makes it possible to cut out portions or to add music to the background. In the end it was extremely easy, I wish to use the program in the near future.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hints for understanding wiki's isn't exactly easy. They are actually really quite simple once you get to know the basics. All I did was go on a wiki tour, this is a very good site to learn the basics. It uses visual aid for those of us who do better with visual stuff, like myself.

Also I learned that Wikiwiki is hawiian for "quick". It's true, editing a wiki page takes no time at all. One wiki I visited wrote "WikiWikiWeb is the most naked embodiement of the Hyperlink concept. " Anyone can write anything on a Wiki. One might think if anyone can write anything there must be some pretty obsurd things out there and what about vulgarity or things that are completely off the topic of the wiki. This is why there is a WikiCommunity. The wiki community is dedicated to making sure that everything put up on the wiki is clean and nice. If it isn't they can go and edit it out. Thats the beauty of a wiki.

The first wiki page that I visited was call WikiWikiWeb Frontpage. I found this page to be incredibly informative. It is a website about people projects and patterns in software developement. That stuff is cool, but I didn't understand the jargon very well. However, they had a great indrotuctory page in which they make sure that they give you the resources to know what a wiki is and how it functions. This is where I found the wikiwiki Sandbox and got to play around and do some editing of my own. It was really, really Cool!!!

Jeff Gralnick

Jeff Gralnick has had 47 years of broadcasting experience. Now he is a special consultant for to NBC news president, on Internet and new Technology matters.

Gralnick began his broadcast journalism career at CBS News in 1959 as a field reporter and producer. In 1972 Gralnick moved to ABC where he was a producer and later he became a Vice-President and Executive Producer, which he held for 14 years. In 1993 Gralnick helped relaunch NBC nightly news, for which he received his fifth career National Emmy Award. Not to shabby if you ask me.

Unfortunately I will not be able to stay for class because we, the Stag's Mens Lacrosse team, have a game and are leaving at 3 o'clock. I am sincerely upset because Mr. Gralnick seems like he has a ton on interesting information that he will share with the class. I have never met anyone who has won an Emmy Award. I hope that I will be able to catch some of his presentation, but unfortunately I do not think I will be able to be there for the entire thing.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That Which We Call A Blog...

How many people out there have been on a blog? How many of have been on Mainstream Media? For those of you who don't know the difference between the two, don't worry.

Today the lines that separated blogs from Mainstream Media are getting blurred. Blogs started more as just informal opinion pages the article says "armchair yammering", but has been exploring the realm of journalism. Both journalism and this "armchair yammering" are found on both mainstream media as well as blogs.

Mr. Sifry (who is pictured) is the founder of Technorati, which is the leading blog search engine, says that "mainstream media sites, as measured by the number of blogs linking to them, are trounding news-oriented blogs by a growing margin."

What it all comes down to is quality and trustworthiness of the material in the website. Users are not going to go to a site which has given them wrong informatoin before, or a site that is hard to navigate through.

I agree with Mr. Mitchell in him saying that blogs affect more niche publicatoins rather than top news organizations. Many blogs focus in on a niche area, like gardening, knitting, nanotechnology, you name it im sure someone has it.

I feel it would be impossible for most unless they are very experience or created the website to know whether it is mainstream media or a blog. Especially with all of the digital convergence that is happening in the world today.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An Outrage....

Corey Maye a man with no criminal record is being sentenced to death, by lethal injection for defending his home!!

Just doesn't sound quite right does it. Maye lived in a duplex. Police got word that Maye's neighbor was dealing drugs. So, they organized a drug raid on Maye's neighbor (good so far). When they kicked in the door and searched the place they found nothing, they figured they would check the other side of the house to find more drugs. It was just before midnight when they kicked the door open to Maye's side of the duplex, Jones, the officer who was shot and killed, ran into Maye's room. Maye not knowing what was going on, shot the intruder, which happened to be the white son of the white police chief of a little Mississippi. To read more details on this, and believe me there are more twists, click here.

It is sad to see tragic things like this happen. I can respect that fact the Maye was trying to defend his home and his 18 month old daughter. I just think that it is an odd coincidence that it was the white police chiefs white son that got shot, then the black man is charged with murder and sentenced to death. Also Maye's name was not on the warrant that the police had. I like that Balko is trying to get bloggers together and to fight back and have this story heard. Maybe be tried in what some would consider a 'fair' place. Also considering it was an all white except for two black women jury. Maybe if this story makes it to the mainstream media Maye might have a second chance on life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

According to Stone What were the monks doing in the library?

"Who let the Blogs out? by Biz Stone.

Early in Stones book it describes monks doing something peculiar in their library. What they are doing is trying to reconstruct how the World Wide Web works. Their library looked like a complicated game of cat's cradle. Those strings, however, connected a passage in an arcane text to the most current map of the area mentioned within it and black to the scroll that contained the only known biography of the man who named the mountain metninoed in the text. They tied relevant elections of content together in a way that organized the information in a new, hypercontextualized way. This is basically what the internet does. They created a rustic model of the internet.

I think it is neat that these monks created this, I mean I feel like it would be way to much work for me to do, but I am more than appreciative of the work they have done. I can only imagine what a pain in the buttox that must have been to lay more than sixty thousand feet of string in a single room. Silly monks!


What if you were just typing away on your computer, out of the blue a bomb explodes what seems to be right next to you, what would you do?

These soldiers have to deal with this nightmare every day. Personally I don't know if I could take it. This picture I think is the perfect depiction of what going on now. When some soldiers get a free minute they blog, like the one sitting on top of this humvee.

Soldiers blog for many reasons. It always starts out as it was just a way for them to keep in touch with their friends and family back home. A way to let them know what was happening over on the battle grounds, at the very least a way to let them know that they were still alive and well. These blogs have been coined 'milblogs', short for military blogs.

"Never before has a war been so immediately documented," as said by one of the many soldiers. In the old days it used to take months for letters to be exchanged from one hand to the other. But now it takes milliseconds for someone to press a button and have it open to the entire world. Chris Missick has a good question "should I as a lower enlisted soldier have such power to express my opinion and broadcast to the world a singular soldiers point of view?" Chris like other started with a small portion of readers, then his milblog exploded eventually logging more than 100,000 page hits. This is because "milbloggers offer an unprecedented real-time real-life window on war and the people who wage it."

The government instituted a new policy which requires all military bloggers to register their blog sites with their units. Then commanders go in quarterly and check on their blogs and make sure they aren't writing things their not supposed to. Such things as giving casualty counts or anything that could go against the militaries privacy act.

One soldier writes that milblogging is "the result of an explosion of communications technology throughout the military and an increase in brainpower among the lower ranks." I completely agree with this statement. Another soldier built his own network. I mean, that's freakin' ridiculous. At it's peak this network was servicing 48 families. I can't even imagine what I would have to do to set up my own network, I just cannot fathom what that requires.

I particularly like this idea of milblogs. I thinks it's awesome that instead of going the all the corporate media mumbo-jumbo, you can just go to the source. With real soldiers telling their raw uncut stories about life over in Iraq and other battle zones. In other words I completely support milblogging. GO MILBLOGGERS!

A "loose cannon"

An ex-student at Fairfield, William Rom sues Fairfield University for damages that could amount to 200,000 dollars, all for being suspended???

If getting suspended means you can later sue and win, then I'm doing the wrong thing here.

"During William Rom's freshman and sophomore years at Fairfield, he ran naked through the quad during a big-screen viewing of "Meet the Parents" two days after September 11th. He dumped buckets of water from a window on students walking outside. He broke a mirror with a football. He drunkenly rode a dolly down the hallway of his residence hall after throwing up," as says at Fairfield's online edition of the mirror.

I don't' know about you but personally I think that this sounds like someone who didn't care about being in school, who took his opportunity here at FU for granted. Rom graduated a year after he was scheduled because Rutgers wouldn't take all of his credits.

Rom claimed in Bridgeport Superior Court that he was libeled and defamed by university officials when he was suspended in 2002. He is suing for money that he lost at Fairfield and money that he lost for having to re-do his senior year. His current job is that he's a Financial Planner for Met Life. Many who know Rom say that his is a good guy at heart, however they also say that he can be quite reckless. With one person saying "He was a nice kid, but could be a loose cannon."

Personally I think that it is ludicrous for someone to sue a private institution for a decision they made. The fact that it is a private institution and said person still decides to come here, that is their fault. I've been in trouble here at Fairfield, nothing like being suspended, but I was put on disciplinary probation which basically means that if you get in trouble again your out. So I kind of know what Rom was going through, but it never crossed my mind to even think about suing the school!.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Professor

Professor Gudelunas is not only a great communications teacher, but he also knows a ton about blogging and other "techi" stuff. Professor Gudelunas has been teaching at Fairfield for a few years now. He is also a former alumnus of Fairfield University. He got his doctorat at Penn State, now I personally have the pleasure of enjoying one of his many communication classes.

I really enjoyed his presentation. I thought that he really brought alot ot the table. He brought up some interesting points that really prompted me to think. I never really thought about how many blogs are out there. But when he brought up that there are endless blogs out there, they're are so many being created every second. Like when we made our blogs that's like 20 blogs in 15 minutes. Who knows how many classes like this that are being offered WORLD WIDE and just people who wanted their voices heard.

My only criticism is that he thought that we were more knowledable about it than we were, so some of his lingo went in one ear and out the other. Other than that I thougt that he did a very nice and very informative presentation.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Connecticut bloggers unite!

Did you know that there are around 80,000 web blogs or online dairies created each day? Unfortunately we cannot keep track of how many a day per state, but you get the picture. Connecticut is definitely contributing to those numbers.

Tom Fausel, a technology consultant is trying to bring the bloggers of Connecticut together. He says that he has found many talented writers out there they just don't know if anyone is reading their blogs. Mr. Fausel believes that by bringing all these people together is will help create a sense of community among the bloggers. As of now has created over 100 different hyperlinks to bloggers websites, however he has found more, he just thought that some didn't meet his standards.

Tom found Eric Lundquist, who is a dog trainer and shares his knowledge on his blogging site, It's chalk full of information and tips on how to train your pesky little kanine.

Dan Levine, a reporter with Courthouse New Service, writes independently about Connecticut's courts and Legislature at

If your interested in the outdoors you can go to This is where Brendan Hanrahan shares his knowledge of all things nature related.

Some are looking for love over the blogoshpere, like on Miss Erma at, and some are just looking for someone to share their passions with like Jennifer Jackson of Westport,

I think that you get the idea, there are a couple more examples in the text but i don't want to bore you with them. I think that this article is good for discussing why anyone would start a blog. I've come the conclusion that one can start a blog for what ever the hell reason they want to. The great thing about it is that it's just your opinion, it can almost be therapeutic to get things off your chest, you just never know.